H.T. [Trigun Theme]

2013-11-13 19:32:45 by KitsuMech

Hey it's been awhile,

I've been extremely busy with my band (Random Encounter) for about the past year. We have had a new album come out, and have played some pretty big shows (for us) to date. Basically, that's what I have been doing for the past year. Finally life is slowing down a little bit.

Well, we won best Rock Act in Orlando this year. Damn.


Back in August my band launched a Kickstarter for our new album. It met it's goal in about 3 days. (You can hear that album here:MUSIC FOR MY BAND RANDOM ENCOUNTER)

One of the rewards was I would cover a song for you. Behold, this is one of the songs that was requested.
I still want to add a few things to it, (the drums could sound more natural, some sound effects, the end doesn't ring out properly,) but I think it stands very well as a mix.

I added a little of my own flair to some of the arrangement (in the drums mainly)

I recorded the guitar and bass through my POD HD500, and the drums were programmed with Superior Drummer 2.0.

Check it out here: H.T. (Trigun Theme)

Here's a dope picture of me performing at Nerdapalooza hovering away with the power of rock music.

(Photo by Jeff Douglas)

H.T. [Trigun Theme]


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2013-11-13 19:48:37

That theme is awesome! Great job!

KitsuMech responds:

Hey thank you very much :). It's a good one for sure!


2013-11-14 16:54:36

I agree! Keep up the good work!

KitsuMech responds:


I always say that I'll be trying to post more stuff but I keep so busy with my band now a days. You can definitely keep up with all of my shenanigans there. :P


2013-11-14 17:14:18

aha! a magnificent comeback. just as i expected, you sneaky bastard, you

KitsuMech responds:

I show up about every year to flaunt my new skills :P <3


2013-11-14 18:18:31

okey dokey will do!