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Wow. Almost 11. 

Where does the time go? 

H.T. [Trigun Theme]

2013-11-13 19:32:45 by KitsuMech

Hey it's been awhile,

I've been extremely busy with my band (Random Encounter) for about the past year. We have had a new album come out, and have played some pretty big shows (for us) to date. Basically, that's what I have been doing for the past year. Finally life is slowing down a little bit.

Well, we won best Rock Act in Orlando this year. Damn.


Back in August my band launched a Kickstarter for our new album. It met it's goal in about 3 days. (You can hear that album here:MUSIC FOR MY BAND RANDOM ENCOUNTER)

One of the rewards was I would cover a song for you. Behold, this is one of the songs that was requested.
I still want to add a few things to it, (the drums could sound more natural, some sound effects, the end doesn't ring out properly,) but I think it stands very well as a mix.

I added a little of my own flair to some of the arrangement (in the drums mainly)

I recorded the guitar and bass through my POD HD500, and the drums were programmed with Superior Drummer 2.0.

Check it out here: H.T. (Trigun Theme)

Here's a dope picture of me performing at Nerdapalooza hovering away with the power of rock music.

(Photo by Jeff Douglas)

H.T. [Trigun Theme]

New Song! (When it Rains)

2012-10-27 07:15:35 by KitsuMech

When it Rains IRL

I call it IRL because it's a cover of my friends band song. They do chiptunes. You can listen to their stuff here and here. That's their Bandcamp page and Soundcloud page respectively.

Here is the original that I covered : omg!!

I had fun with the guitar tone in here. New mixing and mastering techniques I was playing with. Needs work in that aspect.


Also, my band got best indie act in Orlando Weekly. /feelsgoodman

New Song! (When it Rains)

Frog's Theme Re-Metalized

2012-06-06 19:14:24 by KitsuMech

I am beyond thrilled with this composition. I changed up the time signature and added a lot of my own flair to it. It's got a froggy break down at 1:11. I cannot help myself but to nod my head to it when I hear it.

Anypoos, if you have heard my Frog's Theme from five years ago I apologize, this will make up for it I assure you.

Frog's Theme Re-metalized

Look at that nice round number in the url. 489000. You know what color that is in hex? This. That shit is Frog Green I swear.

Oh and here is a picture of a cat we have adopted. We're either calling him Hobbes, Ridley, or Wesker. I vote Wesker but I'll talk to him in the Ridley voice from Retsupurae. WHAA!

Frog's Theme Re-Metalized

Sonic 2 Final Boss Theme 2000 plays!

2012-05-17 15:05:30 by KitsuMech

EDIT: 05/21/2012

Oh, hi there 2000 plays, I didn't see you there. What the heck.


Hey nice. 1000 plays in under a week AND good ratings!? I'm down with that.

Here is a picture of my band live streaming Smash Bros last night.

Sonic 2 Final Boss Theme 2000 plays!

Sonic 2 Final Boss Theme!

2012-05-16 16:27:09 by KitsuMech

Trying out this front page posting thing.

Sonic 2 Final Boss Theme

You can totally click that link and listen to that song.

I know it has been awhile since I have posted anything, and I am trying to get back into the swing of things. I mentioned in an earlier post that I think I am going to go back through everything that I have done on Newgrounds and rework said entries. Just as a "look how far I have come" sort of thing for myself, and everyone else that liked me.

If you have any requests or anything of that nature let me know and I will try to get to them sometime in the future. I am also continually busy with my Video Game Rock band Random Encounter. The Facebook is HERE if you do the whole social networking thing. Give them a listen if you want to know what I am up to when I am not here.

Here is a picture of a frog that I found the other day. Speaking of Frogs...

Sonic 2 Final Boss Theme!

Old stuff.

2012-05-14 01:51:44 by KitsuMech

Thinking about going through and re-working all of my old submissions.

Newgrounds needs to get that delete button for old songs. Or a hide feature.

Or a "Rip-out-users-eyes-so-they-don't-see-my-embarra ssment-back-when-I-was-young" feature

Or ears would be fine.

Old stuff.

I'm back baby.

2012-05-11 19:06:23 by KitsuMech

Queue Bender.

Sup guys. I cannot believe it has been over two years since I walked away from Newgrounds. I assure you however, that my newest submissions cements the fact that never stopped working on music. I had someone suggest that I should cover this song, and well, time makes fools of all of us.

My production and recording skills are through the roof from where they used to be, I know that I still have tons of room for improvement though.

I wonder if Schleif will be the first one to find this?

I'm back baby.

A new Newgrounds?

2012-02-08 18:09:06 by KitsuMech

I'll bite, the users are the same but I'm different. Who wants a new jam?

I missed you guys.

Minus one job

2009-02-19 17:07:25 by KitsuMech

Yeah, I'm just down to one job and college now, I have time to do things now! Like, play video games and make more music!

Anyways, I'm focusing more on college now so that's super sweet. Chemistry and Web design. Chemistry is the time hog here, just copious amounts of homework really. But with more time at home I have no reason not to finish it.

Hopefully we'll see so new music pumped out here. More video game metal? Votes anyone, or requests

I keep thinking I see something walk out of the hallway. I think that I need to play a little less Left 4 Dead. :\